I may lose some readers for this….

I may lose some readers for this, but that’s okay. I was reviewing some of my old blog posts the other day, and I noticed that the best ones were the ones where I wrote about applying biblical principles to business practices. So I am going to do a lot more of that, for (2) main reasons:

1. They are some of my best written posts; they are the most coherent, interesting, and they flow well.

2. Few bloggers are doing this (few have the courage); so what you read here, your are not going to find on most of the other blogs out there. I offer you the solid principles from the bible, to apply to your business and to your life.

The Bigger Picture, and Boot Camp

This blog, then, is part of my ministry. My whole ministry, which ties in perfectly with my business, is to help other entrepreneurs get established. This blog is a small piece of that. Another piece is the pilot course I am developing: “Virtual Assistant Boot Camp”

Here is the outline for the course:


Virtual Assistant: The Series, by Diana Ennen
Virtual Assistant: The Series, workbook

SWOT Help 101-Free e-book (written by me)

Virtual Assistant Boot Camp Course Outline

1. Creating your business plan
2. Legal Access
3. Funding
4. Creating your website
5. Creating your LinkedIn profile
6. Creating your Facebook profile and business page
7. Creating your Twitter page
8. Blogging
9. Finding your niche
10. Getting started on Virtual Assistant Forums
11. Creating a profile on Virtual Assistantville
12. Hootsuite
13. Getting started on Pinterest
14. Skype
15. Google Hangouts
16. YouTube

These are the topics I will cover in this course; I’m still working out the details, and we are still in the test run, so I don’t know how long each segment with take.

I’m using Diana’s book because it is the best resource I have found for starting a VA business. Her ideas can be generally applied to other startups as well; that is one of the reasons I consider it to be an excellent resource.

I’ve also created a Google+ group called “Virtual Assistant Boot Camp” where I will be moderating forum discussions about conducting a SWOT analysis, and discussions using Google Hangouts.

This course is currently free– because as I said, it is still a pilot program.

Trendsetting, and giving back to my network

I’ve started a couple of networking groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. In these groups I share resources, articles, and a variety of useful information for other entrepreneurs. It seems to me that there are not many people who are doing this; and I try to be a Trendsetter, and do what no one else is doing.

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2 comments on “I may lose some readers for this….

  1. Congratulations on making this decision. I believe success is connected to authenticity, and you will be able to share even more value with your audience as you tap into that which directly inspires you.

    As regards readership – I think you will find there are many people who appreciate wisdom regardless of the source, even if they do not share your exact faith. Share your ideas and insights generously, showing love and avoiding judgment, and I think you will not lose so many readers as you might fear.


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