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“It is very important to know in your own mind what exactly it is you want to achieve. This is the overall picture of why you are negotiating a position, and therefore needs to be kept in front of your mind at all times. If necessary, write it down in large letters so that during the course of the negotiations it will focus your mind on your goals.
Be aware that in the normal course of events the other party will to steer you into a different position. You must know what effect their arguments and counter-arguments will have on you. This can be likened to a mental scale in your head

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with the minimum and maximum positions that you are prepared to maneuver within” (Spencer)

Win-win, win-lose, lose-lose scenarios; always have win-win end goals in mind, in order to build long-term trust with the other party.

We already talked about knowing what you want before you start negotiating; here are 3 more tips for achieving a win-win outcome:

1. Know what the other party wants: Find out as much as you can about the other parties agenda, what their concession points are, and what their walk-away point is

2. Know what concessions you are willing to give, and what your walk-away point will be

3. Practice with a partner ahead of time

Checkmate in chess game

Chess checkmate

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Chess avoid win-lose or lose-lose scenarios

I found these tips in this article:

Here is a clip of a man who always takes a win-lose approach to negotiations:

Some revealing quotes from the movie:

“I look at people, I see nothing worth liking.”

“I see the worst in people.”

And the best one…
“I have a competition in me…I want no one else to succeed.”

That’s the wrong way to go about negotiating—that is if you ever want the other party to work with you again!

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